October 05, 2005

The Mad Revisionist A "series of essays dedicated to the manufacturing of truth through the discarding of evidence." Sample articles: The Moon: A Propaganda Hoax and The Parthenon: A Post-Hellenistic Fabrication.
  • Funny. Now all my questions regarding The Great Donut Conspiracy have been answered! I will never give DD another cent...
  • I don't believe the Mad Revisionist really exists.
  • Some will argue that Jews exist on the basis of historical records. Such records do in fact go back thousands of years. Now ask yourself: who wrote most of these records? The Jews themselves! Of course you can't believe them when they tell you they exist! They obviously have some unscrupulous interest in convincing you of their existence. What else could account for it? Heh!
  • Fantastic. Now we need someone to tackle the Spherical Earth Hoax. I mean, c'mon, it's obviously flat. If it weren't, we'd all fall off. And don't give me any of that crap about magical "gravity beams" holding everyone on the surface of a sphere. Or mythical antipodes either.
  • It's not gravity beams, it's intelligent falling!