September 29, 2005

What's a little bull semen to boost bilateral ties? According to International Enterprise Singapore, 200 straws of it did wonders for ties between Singapore and the province of Shandong! *Imagines what owl semen might accomplish*
  • MonkeyFilter: The bull semen presentation ceremony
  • But it was the way they packaged it that pissed off a few of the diplomats.
  • heheh. He said "dong".
  • One of the witness has an interesting title: Minister of State for Education cum Co-Chairman of the Singapore-Shandong Business Council (SSBC), Mr Chan Soo Sen.
  • Hmmm, these Pixie Straws have an odd salty flavor today. *eh, whatever*
  • Don't mind me Grams, I'm just following you along, taking notes and observing...