September 13, 2005

Awesome. Also awesome. I used to think I was good at javascript.

Both links go to games, so OMGBBQNSFW. I have no speakers, so I don't know if they come with sound. Also, while I belive these would work in recent versions of the major browsers, I make no guarantees. Both links via BB.

  • Dude, DHTML Lemmings kicks some serious ass. I can't even guess how they went about programming it in JavaScript. BTW, the first link comes with sound (played it all weekend), don't know about link the second, as I'm not at home.
  • Lemmings does not work in firefox. Also, it crashed explorer on level 4. You are right, though: Absolutely completly utterly awsome. Only one question remains: Why?
  • That's crazy!!
  • elrick33: Worked fine on Firefox 1.0.6/Win2K.
  • Worked fine on my FiFox 106/OSX. Thanks, Bear.
  • My brain tells me these are awesome, but my computer's processor tells me they suck.
  • Works on my Firefox, too. 1.0.4
  • This DHTML lemmings thing... you bastards. I thought I'd finally gotten over the urge to help the mindless little idiots, and now I find it on the internets. (Maybe I'm just sulking because my only attempt at a DHTML game, while amusing to me, is pretty frickin' lame...) )) for smallish bear!