September 08, 2005

Anarchists' election video outrages Germans The Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany has épateéed les bourgeois with a rather silly election video.

There's always a place satire and tom-foolery but I'm keener to see the anarchist tradition carried forward in some sober grassroots community work myself. Elsewhere, it appears incumbent Schröder is making a late rally against oppositon candidate Anna Merkel, previously holding a strong lead for the Christian Democrats. Coverage of the mainstream figures and issues in the upcoming election at Der Spiegel's English site.

  • Probably more amusing that the above nonsense is the revelation that the normally wooden Merkel owes her success in the recent televised candidates' debate to her channeling of the late President Reagan.
  • Palin: And we've just heard from Luton that Tony Stratton-Smith has with him there the unsuccessful Slightly Silly candidate, Kevin Phillips Bong. Idle: Kevin Phillips Bong. You polled no votes at all. Not a sausage. Bugger all. Are you at all disappointed with this performance? Neil Innes: Not at all. As I always say: Climb every mountain Ford every stream, Follow every by-way, Till you find your dream. (Sings) A dream that will last All the love you can give Every day of your life For as long as you live. All together now! Climb every mountain Ford every stream... Cleese: A very brave Kevin Phillips Bong there. Norman.
  • I've just noticed how silly my attempt at creating a French past tense in the main post was too. Arse.
  • (just «épaté» will do the trick)
  • I was just looking at earlier today, it's been an interesting race although my german isn't quite at the point where following it is "easy". Danke fuer das letzte Link. Ganz interessant.
  • channeling of the late President Reagan. "Channeling" is an extremely kind way to put it.
  • indeed, Arbeit ist Scheisse, indeed it is.
  • thanks for the post, Abiezer! Erst Saufen - dann Wählen <-what a lovely campaign slogan!
  • Can anyone translate the movies? Also, I may be wrong, but was there a money-shot in that clip? I watched it 3 (okay 5) times trying to determine before I realized that I was at work.
  • Best Political Party Evar