September 08, 2005

Even white preachaz gotta shout. (link contains streaming video, jesus)
  • I love Christian remakes of songs. I'm sure I'll go to hell, but they are so funny. My favorite is a remake of Linkin Park's "In The End" where instead of "In the end, it doesn't even matter" they say "corinthians first letter thirteenth chapter." Apparently, it is by a band called the ApologetiX who say, "We do this because we specialize in parodies. It's a talent God has given us..."
  • I have to assume the Christian version of the Linkin Park song is an improvement. Because it is not possible to make a Linkin Park song worse.
  • Haha. I actually thought that was funny, in a non-mocking sort of way. Cheers me up to see religious people with a sense of humor about themselves; I don't see that often enough. Sound cut out after the "paraphrase" part, but still, pretty cute. Endearingly weird.
  • "So ladies [Yeah?] ladies [Yeah?] Do you wanna save souls from Hades?" That made me laugh :)