September 08, 2005

Curious Dashboard: Help create a supermonkey naptime widget. It's a gift for a friend. The strange thing is that she is not even aware of MoFi, the combination of monkey/bananas/pancakes came purely from her own imagination.

Her message to me: "i'll tell you exactly what i want. a supermonkey... chimpish... animated.. maybe like this guy without the "s" ... a generic "super" rather than superman. and when you click it... it tells you it's a good time for a nap. and i would like it to have a rating from one to 5... but obviously never go to a 1 or 2... always be a 3, 4 or 5. supermonkey naptime widget assures you it really is a good time for a nap (because of the way it's set up it would never give you a rating of 1 or 2 for a nap... because ANYTIME is a good time for a nap). on even days i would like it to have bananas on it, and odd days have a stack of hotcakes. " I don't even have Dashboard (though I am on a Mac) so I need help. She says she would be happy to barter or pay (a reasonable amount) for this delightful widget. Can any monkeys help me?

  • Guess I can't help you because I have no idea what you're on about.
  • But,'re techsmith! Isn't that your job? Dashboard
  • Need someone intelliagant to do the wokr.
  • That's coldblooded, SB. Do you always stick to grammatical conventions when chatting with friends? Anyway, I just need to consult with someone with skills. Intelligence would be a bonus, but isn't really required. You are also free to ignore my request, as always.
  • Cali, is there some medical reason why she needs to know when it's time to nap? Or, is just any time a good time to nap? Your request seems frantic enough, as though it's a pretty serious issue, or, should it be just some silly little program that always says "Go take a nap,' or something that calculates time from last sleep, blood sugar levels, drug dosage and time of day to optimise sleep cycles? If there are no medical reasons, why doesn't she just take a nap when she feels like it? A bit more background might help get a better response. I don't think anyone wants to ignore your request, but I'm not sure anyone knows exactly what you want. And have folks here ignored your requests on a regular basis?
  • maybe banana pancakes on sundays? it needs wacky input fields for the back of the widget... like birthdate so he can bring you cake... or you could put in a picture of your ex and he could chop it up with scissors... on halloween he could dress up as batman... talk like a pirate day? ' be a fine time for a nap!'... the 1-5 meter should look like the terror alert level meter...'boy, you really should take a nap so al qaeda doesn't win'... variety is the key to making this work... maybe he could nap on a big pile of bananas....
  • A banana hammock
  • path, it's not serious at all. It's just a silly little thing that I thought someone here might enjoy helping with. I didn't mean for the tone to sound frantic, there's no medical reason. sexyrobot's got the right idea.
  • Sexyrobot always has the right idea.
  • That's coldblooded, SB. Cali, SB wasn't being mean. Airbody be cool now. /likewise has no idea what you be on about
  • Shoot, that's what I get for not monitoring deleted threads. Sorry SB. Now I need a deleted-thread-montoring widget too.
  • This is getting out of hand. What are you all talking about again?
  • thanks, squid... maybe when you click on it, sometimes hes napping and the alert level is 6.8x10^8... maybe sometimes he takes a little nip of the nyquil... maybe he's taking a nap and a little dream balloon opens and in it he's taking a nap and a little dream balloon opens and in it he's drinking nyquil...
  • I like the sound of this. Where can I get one?
  • These pretzels are making me thirsty.
  • Shoot, that's what I get for not monitoring deleted threads. Sorry SB. My bad, Cali, I was being a little liberal with the cross-posting sauce... thanks goetter for bailing me out. *hangs head shuffles out*
  • This is a mac thing, isn't it!! *has your number now!*