September 01, 2005

Web Japan aims to help people around the world get to know more about Japan and the Japanese. Sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

Includes Kids Web Japan, a site that introduces Japan to schoolchildren aged between 10 and 14 who live in other countries.

  • I've only had a quick look, but this seems to have lots of interesting information. I'm definitely going to read the through the music articles.
  • Aww, it's not unintentionally amusing at all!
  • With almost 70% of Japan covered by woods, Japan is a "land of forests surrounded by the sea." Read this Nipponia feature to discover how life in Japan is closely intertwined with trees. *looks out window* huh? For reference check out a mate's pic: View from the office window
  • and play "spot the tree"
  • Japan is a land of forests. You just wouldn't notice it from the big cities, most of which are crammed into flood plains where the land is flat and fertile, and where the majority of the population lives. Much of the rest of the country is vertiginous and wooded, as aerial photography will attest. It also tends to be inaccessible and lacking in tourist attractions or significant employment; consequently, people don't go there much and, perhaps, tend not to realise quite how marked the distinction between ultra-dense urban environment and mountainous countryside is - and how much of the latter there really is. I also find it strange to hear Japanese people praise the "natural" English countryside (much of which is the decidedly man-made product of millenia of farming) when their own country seems far more primeval to me.
  • gomichild, I think they meant outside of major cities such as Tokyo.
  • I know I was being a bit cheeky (~^). I've also been hiking around various prefectures and have seen several trees altogether in one place.