September 01, 2005

Suicide prevention thru fashion From their page: "No successful suicides are known to have been committed using these items." Don't the models look thrilled? via boingboing
  • Crazy-ass beard sold separately.
  • # Overseeing naked inmates is uncomfortable for staff # Staff gets a break from noise and demands when inmate sleeps Thank you Captains Obvious!
  • Are these also sold outside Neanderthal?
  • "Clothe Your Suicidal Inmates and Save Money" That's what Ah'm talkin' about!
  • This is depressing.
  • Looks like you could smother under the bulk.
  • Reminds me of the giant condom that Leslie Nielson wore in the first Naked Gun movie.
  • Can't wait to see if this takes off as gangsta wear.
  • you could always bite a chunk and choke to death. if you are siucidal you could try, at least.
  • Heck, if you were truly THAT suicidal, you could always do the old Japanese trick and bite your tongue off(!) and drown in your blood. I don't know about you, but I find these quite stylish. I'd get one... if it had pockets. Ain't no way I'd be seen in one of those AND carrying a purse.
  • Tragically, while no suicides have been successful since the introduction of the smocks, the detrimental psychological effect of having to wear the equivalent of a high school gym matt has caused attempts to skyrocket 372%. -Department of Ficticious Statistics
  • I'm thinking these things would be deadly in combination with certain foods--beans and broccoli, perhaps?
  • I like the velcro and the color, but they don't look that comfortable, though they do look sort of futuristic. I don't like what that seems to say about my vision of the future. The Safety Smock is the new Straight Jacket.
  • Guava's got it: Don't be Square Get Straight