September 01, 2005

The Coldplay code generator Encode messages in X & Y style! Fun, for about three minutes.

Unfortunately, you can only encode messages that are so long. For example, "Coldplay's new album, X & Y, is an enormous fetid pile of donkey wank" is too long, but "X & Y gives nuns herpes" is absolutely fine.

  • As usual, I didn't last even three minutes. It's a common complaint.
  • what's a cold play?
  • Is Coldplay the Oasis of the 2000s? That's the impression I get lately, but I do like Coldplay's sound.
  • I put them, along with Radiohead, in the category of "fetus rock." To be in this genre, your lead singer must resemble a fetus: bald, hunched-over, eyes mostly closed, and seemingly covered by a thin layer of mucus.
  • I can see that applying to Thom Yorke, but Chris Martin doesn't entirely look like shrimp. And thus, he doesn't look like a foetus. That's how I judge.
  • What was that video where he was on the beach? "Yellow?" That was total fetus rock.
  • Nonono -- when Parachutes came out, Coldplay had the option of becoming the new Radiohead. Instead, they repackaged the same old shit about loneliness and misery, instead of actually going anywhere with their music. This made them the new eUnuch2 -- Bono without personality. And personality goes a long way.
  • In the fairly unlikely event that anyone was wondering, it's apparently a Baudot code.
  • So, how long til someone here comes up w/ code to make it go the other way?