September 01, 2005

Bring out the aggressor that's hidden deep inside you. Super-detailed replica firearms from Japan. Where real guns are banned.

I've no idea what the marketing language is like, not speaking Japanese, but the tagline alone makes me wonder...

  • I HACK YOU!1! What's your IP?
  • Shit. Wrong thread.
  • The language on the whole is pretty bland - just listing details and so on. I love the "How to Shopping" button though *sigh* (wish I had 5 yen for everytime I've heard that construction). I imagine this site caters to the militarist cosplayer types. My Boy has a replica gun that was a lighter - it was all fun and games until it nearly took his eyebrows off.
  • I can't tell. Is it a paintball gun?
  • I wonder how "detailed" these guns are? I seem to remember a few years ago someone was manufacturing replicas that with small modifications could be made into a fully functioning semi automatic.
  • Ah, that's a shame (re language) - I was hoping for some Super Japanese Hot Selling...
  • oh, I don't know. In this time and age, just carrying that thing can get you killed, as has happened before. I shit you not.
  • Our police shoot people for carrying table legs.