September 01, 2005

The Batman comics writer compares his work to that of the recent film.
  • Miller's planning a new Batman title? Here's hoping it's better than DK2.
  • There's a sequel to Donkey Kong? Awesome!
  • But what would GIL KANE say?
  • He'd probably say, "My name is Bob, dammit!" He'd also probably say, "Get me out of this coffin!"
  • I'm calling him Gil, because that's how I always think of him. And Bob Gerard was great in "Buck Rogers."
  • Miller is already writing Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder All-Stars with art by Jim Lee. The first issue came out several weeks ago. I thought it was very very blaa... It is a retelling of how Dick Grayson became the original Robin. Besides Miller, the film was pretty meticulous in taking ideas from the entire history of the comics. Here is a link to the first of a six part annotation of the references in Batman Begins.
  • I'm calling him Gil, because that's how I always think of him.
    I always think of Bob Kane as 'That hack who hosed Bill Finger'.
  • AHA! I'm NOT crazy! Just confused.
  • Just to make it more confusing, Gil Kane's real name was Eli Katz.
    Sits back in his lawn chair rubbing his palms and cackling maniacally as a frustrated Tenacious Pettle wanders frantically through the Great Cartoonist Burial Ground, spade in hand...
  • I would have expected MCT to recognize the name of a Green Lantern luminary.
  • Kaaaaaaaane!
  • When you're ready to have a serious conversation about Green Lantern, you have my e-mail address.