September 01, 2005

Student sleuths asked to help solve 1924 murder. The bombing that killed Mr. Verigin remains one of the most notorious crimes in B.C. history, all but forgotten and still unsolved.
  • students involved in a long-standing mystery: an interesting way of learning history
  • They blew him up In a railway carriage A bearded chap And political baggage
  • A patriarch so suave and foxy, train-board, west-bound with his doxy. Who was it killed the Doukhobor? We await answers from Grade Four.
  • Oh, I read about this in the paper yesterday, meant to post it myself. No matter, it's a great post, an interesting part of Canadian history, and a great school project too. The other two mysteries to be solved are interesting as well. Here's a direct link to the website for lazybones.
  • *whistles, jumps madly and down* )))))) for Chy and Abiezer!!!!!!