August 19, 2005

The Microscope Imaging Station
  • Whenever my family would go camping as a kid, we always ended up hauling along my grandfather's old wood-cased brass microscope and the carefully packed glass slides (heavy!) with us so as to be able to look at the plankton and the bacteria in the nearby water. Sometimes we moved on before setting up a tent because of what we'd find.
  • I love love love the platicity of white blood cells. Phagocytosis has always reminded me of 'inner Pacman'. That really is a great site although it would have been nicer (heh..I shouldn't complain) if there was more in the way of immunofluorescence - the most magical of the biological art mediums. Thanks Gyan, a top site indeed.
  • ..make that plaSticity
  • Goddam that's a nice site.
  • The video is fantastic.
  • Beautiful images! I especially like the protozoa.
  • Makes sense it's from The Exploratorium. I love that place. A must-see for anyone visiting San Francisco.