August 12, 2005

Another unused Nixon speech: This one in case of a disaster that would strand Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong on the moon.
  • Not bad. I wonder if Ben Stein wrote it?
  • Veddy interesting. The last sentence is a bit goofy, though. Surely they meant "forever sullied by mankind".
  • And if so, how much money did Ben Stein make for it? And did someone later win that bit of Ben Stein's money?
  • Frankly, it gave me chills reading it.
  • It says in the article that William Safire wrote it.
  • Who is the last president who wrote a substantial number of his own speeches?
  • Sy Sperling.
  • *clap clap* Well played, r88.
  • Way to plagarize Rupert Brooke in the last sentence. it's only one of the most famous lines from a poem of all time. Also, did they have a speech ready welcoming our new ant overlords?
  • Plagiarize, schmagiarize. Kennedy stole the 'ask not' line from that poet from Lebanon, and I doubt that Reagan's handlers came up with touching the surly face of God on their own, either.
  • They didn't. That's "High Flight" by John Gillespie Magee.