August 12, 2005

Let's Save Our Environment Flash, video, sound Mtv has finally gone too far. Friday fun!

Okay, I sorta doubt Mtv was involved in this at all. But you gotta admire the . . the ah . . you have to like the . . beach scenes . . and . . effort? involved? Heck I dunno - but it's a true random thing! Beast of the Web!

  • Them is sum hot moves! Yeow!
  • Heehee.. this reminds me of Love Power [direct link to wav audio], from The Producers (the movie that is)... anyone remember that?
  • HOLY WTF'S!! That was SO great! Thanks petey!
  • There's a guy here in LA that for years would do self promotion by purchasing old cars and making them into art projects. Dennis Woodruff is his name and this video clip reminded me of ol' Dennis. He is at best an extra with delusions of grandure. He once engaged me in a conversation at the Vons in Los Feliz and I ended up buying a crappy VHS dub of clips of him in various B and C films along with an unfinished documentary about him. Last I saw him he was driving a new car, but this time it was professionally painted with his name and contact number. Who knows? Perhaps Dennis finally got a decent acting job.
  • Speaking as a self-described tree-hugging hippie, that kind of made me want to club a baby seal.
  • I fear even this fine display of Drunken Monkey Fist comes too late to save our beleaguered planet
  • hehehe good one Weez Agreed, but don't you love the title? "C'mon everybody, whaddaya say?! Let's go ahead and save the biosphere we exist in from certain and immenent destruction! Yay!" Also - reasons why people should not be allowed access to the Internets.
  • Needs a Gem Sweater
  • I'm so glad to see I'm finally getting some publicity. I've got a new video coming out next month you guys will like even more: no, no tutu, you sillies, but you won't believe the great shots I got of this beautiful tree. Plus I've been working on some new moves --they really help me emote better. Hopefully even more people will be inspired!
  • Broke the Piece o crap meter!