August 09, 2005

The Dining Room is sort of an interactive flash puzzle horror story. Not very complicated (try clicking on things multiple times), but creepy and atmospheric, with nice sound effects. Turn off all the lights in your room before you start to make it really scary!

(It isn't just one of those things that lure you to turn up your speakers and then screams at you ... although it does have a somewhat loud ending in the Corridor, so you should be safe if your sound isn't too loud to begin with. I just wanted to include that disclaimer and warning, since I hate having those stupid practical jokes blow out my eardrums).

  • that scared the crap out of me. of course, I am a big baby about that kind of thing (though that doesn't stop me from watching...)
  • If you like point-'n'-click thingies, there's a gazillion of 'em here.
  • Can't do it. Managed to get as far as the kitchen, but when the mom peeped in, I lost my nerve. Can someone tell me what happens in the later three rooms?
  • The first two rooms load fine, but then the Kitchen won't load. I've tried three different browsers on two computers and made sure I was using the latest version of Flash. I've officially given up, but it was fun while it lasted. Can someone tell me what happens in the later three rooms? I second that, since I can't get it to work. :(
  • Does this require pop-ups? Cause I can't get past the basketball. In the first room.
  • Click the photograph again. Try the basketball in the photograph as well.
  • Sorry to hear some people had trouble with it. It worked ok for me, I use Firefox browser on Linux. The rest of the rooms are just creepy with shadows, bodies, things that go bump, and sceery noises. I thought the bathroom was really creepy. I jumped at some of the visuals.
  • The kitchen freaked me out majorly, because I've had ghost encounters which were similar. Stuff swinging without any wind or vibration; shadows passing on walls without anyone to cast them; the head peeking through the doorway really got to me. *goes to bed with light on*
  • oooohhh!!! thanks so much un- I really like stuff like this, be sure to turn out the lights!
  • Kind of fun, though not scary (for me -- I didn't find The Shining scary either); it's worth persevering to the end to get to the strangest disclaimer I've ever seen: There is no intention not to respect, discredit, and violate any person at all.
  • I *hate* to be down on a creative effort here, but I found the whole thing pretty tedious (no offense to un-). Does this mean I'm cranky? Just desensitized?
  • I liked it. It gave me gooseflesh. But maybe I'm easily amused/affrighted.
  • Oooh, Alnedra, I love hearing real-life ghost stories. I had a thread about it around here at halloween. Can we start a new one? Can we can we can we huh? Or could we hijack this one?
  • Gosh, TP, I dunno. I haven't seen anything in the last two years, although the year before that I did see a few things. Nothing much, just sightings and one time I felt a hand pressing down on my head for a few minutes, and I felt exhausted after that.
  • meh, too much clicking and repeating itself. Way too dark. Could have been made interesting, perhaps done as a mystery. I don't like things that jump at me as I'm startled at first, but overall spooky? I'd give it a 2.
  • C'mon, the music and sound by themselves are worth a 4.
  • I never got any music or sound. Hm... I am pretty easily spooked, so I enjoyed it in that delicious love-to-be-unsettled way.
  • I got through the kitchen, and then the next room (the Living Room, I think?) wouldn't load for me. And I was all ready to load the pantaloons! What a disappointment.