August 04, 2005

I made pizza for Kim Jong-il / Part 2 / Part 3 A curious tale by Ermanno Furlanis about how he was invited to North Korea to teach them how to make authentic Italian pizza for Dear Leader.

It's a long read. Here's a shorter article on Kim Jong Il's taste for the finer things.

  • It might be wise for one to welcome a less brutal and more culinarily talented overlord.
  • Thanks for this... will make for an interesting discussion in my CA100 class tomorrow.
  • It's an interesting story, but expressions like "he was a typical Oriental", "there was something vaguely cold and inscrutable about the place", "the crowd one invariably encounters in the Orient where the individual counts for little", and "The Orient always remains the same" leave a peculiar taste.
  • Nice post, un-. However: the thing about Ermanno Furlanis is that - basically - he's a dick. And we're all pussies. Sure, dicks fuck pussies - and we get pretty pissed off about that. But Kim Jong Il? He's an asshole. And dicks also make pizza for assholes. So if we don't let this dick make pizza for Kim Jong Il's asshole, then all of our dicks and pussies are no wait on this makes even less sense than it did in that puppet movie. Forget I said anything. I'll just hide under these blankets here - heh heh heh. Now they can't even see me! Stoopid monkeyfilterers.
  • Did it have corn and mayonnaise on it though?
  • It is rumored that Kim Jong-il learned to play golf this weekend and hit 11 holes in one.
  • Given how Dear Leader usually treats foreigners whose talents catch his eye, I'm not sure I'd take up such an 'invitation'.
  • *beats quidnunc with stale baguette*