July 29, 2005

Happy 6th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. "Gift ideas - What to avoid: Promotional marketing gifts (known as "Swag" or "Schwag") with your OWN company's corporate logo on it. I've already got it. When I signed for the box, I opened it and helped myself. I've got plenty of [ CoffeeCups | MousePads | Pens | SweatShirts | NylonJackets | GolfBalls | MemoPads | TeeShirts ] for my whole family."
  • Yay Monkeybashi! )))! Hey get that guy who does the ASCII art to come up with something cool . . .
  • Our InternetNaziProgram here at work apparently files that site under "Gambling". I am amused and disturbed.
  • I love the fact that one of the recommended gifts is the red Swingline stapler. Are there sysadmins out there who don't get that? Is there anyone on the internet proper (not AOL, heh) that doesn't get it?
  • AOL subscribers should be rounded up into ghettoes and beaten with fish.
  • Some of those tech tales are funny. I once asked our tech lady if she would run my wireless cable for me and she just stared in disbelief.
  • Here's what I would send the sysad that put that website together: Web Design for Dummies
  • Woah, you tech people are highly sensitive. Don't forget that it's morans like me who secure your jobs.
  • Happy SAAD to all applicable persons, a day late. The photo galleries are charming (for some reason, I like the one with the guys having vodka, caviar and sushi in paper cups and plates.) Now that I've done a little reading, I think I get the red swingline stapler bit. I should rent Office Space too.