July 29, 2005

Turnabout is the GreasemonkIE for Internet Explorer I use firefox so I don't care but if you want to remix websites and you cling to Microsoft browsing then there's a way to catch up with the cool kids.
  • A bit techy? Maybe. Turnabout's been out 6 weeks and 'seems' to have got very little press. I would have thought people would be jumping at this, bearing in mind what's available for firefoxsters.
  • It doesn't surprise me that it's received little publicity. I think all the clueful users jumped the sinking IE ship a while ago.
  • Well, their web site has a lot to be desired... What is Turnabout? Turnabout is an Internet Explorer plugin that changes the websites to make them easier to use and to add features. ...that, together with a few small pictures. Couldnt' they show some real example screen shots? Seems to me that'd be the first thing someone would want to see... the before and after shots of some popular web sites. Or am I simply missing those links?
  • Heh...I was nearly going to make that presumption ThreeDayMonk. I was also wondering about IE7 - when's it coming out? I'm not sure whether there's some built-in stuff (tabbed browsing anyway?) that may make turnabout a little bit redundant??
  • all the clueful users jumped the sinking IE ship a while ago. Does firefox already support remixing? (I assume you're referring to jumpping to FF.)
  • Does firefox already support remixing? Sorry, I now see what was meant by GreasemonkIE.
  • There's only this page which I presume you saw techsmith in terms of screenshots. "Does firefox already support remixing?" Is that a rhetorical question? Greasemonkey with any compatible combination of myriad extensions remixes. Or at least, to ensure we're not crosstalking, I loosely use the term 'remix' to mean editing the content of a website. I guess really it ought to mean combining content from 2 or more sites by 'definition' in which case things like bookburro and google search enhancer scripts (and I'm sure quite a few more) would in fact be actual remixes.
  • d'oh! I should have looked down the page on preview.
  • You learn something new everyday! Thx.
  • Here's a question only related in the sense that it's about browsers, but I didn't want to FPP for this, so here goes: I live in the dark ages, and as such only have a 56K dialup connection. I use NetZero as an ISP more out of inertia than loyalty, and I paid the $5 upgrade fee for "up to 5x faster browsing!" Now, if you're not geeky enough to know how this thing works, basically it is a program that loads all images on a page at a much lower resolution, thus cutting the amount of time it takes to load them over a phone line and--hey presto--speeding up browsing. You can tinker with it to show images at 8, 16, 32, 64 colors, etc, with the corresponding gains and losses of speed and detail. Also, if you want to, you can right click and show a specific image at its original resolution. So it sounds like a stupid solution--like daylight savings for images--but really it works, in its way, and I like having it. Thing is, it only works with IE, not Firefox--so if I want to browse using firefox at home, my speed drops. I was wondering if anyone knew of a more cost effective version of the same technology--I'm thinking in the "free" price range--that does something similar. I checked Firefox extensions and couldn't find anything. Until I can justify the expense of dsl to my diabolical wife, please hope me.
  • Hm. TenaciousPettle if it were me, I guess I'd probably try and research costs of DSL upgrade versus phonecall rates to soothe the savage beast lovely wife. Plus the excellent benefit of gaining a phone line 24/7 that's not tied up ---- oh and that other little benefit of download speed. I presume she's not much of a 'net aficionado? I'm only saying all this because my (ignorant) guess is that the people who have flocked to firefox early are people who are more of the tech-orientated (myself excluded from that category) so I suspect the majority have broadband and there would/might be little calling for a bandwidth saving firefox extension. If anything, many tweaks would actually be in the opposite direction (adding thumb images on google results for instance). Having said that, I do recall seeing somewhere (mozdev.org ?? or forum?) that one may ask to have greasemonkey scripts written. But I'm not sure how to go about it. So, I'm afraid I don't really have anything tangible to offer. I was on dialup for more than a year in Hanoi and I somehow coped by loading a ton of pages at the same time and getting offline ASAP to save some money. I avoided picture intensive sites I reckon. [I would also complain to your ISP about their technology being inferior because they put your computer at risk by forcing you to browse on a less secure browser] A final thought would be to join a mozdev forum (sorry, I really don't know where to find it - it's kind of been eluding me for strange reasons I don't understand on this regime of medication ;) - and ask for advice there. Otherwise, if you belong to Metafilter, post a question to AskMetafilter. Hopefully someone smarter will come along with useful advice.
  • Yeah, the wife doesn't get on the net that much. She, I dunno, reads BOOKS or some shit. Sheesh. How a guy working in web development/programming got hooked up with a non-net-loving woman is...well, it's a very romantic and affecting story, actually. I'll get DSL eventually, as the costs continue to go down and my earning power goes up. Who knows, maybe she'll start browsing more once she sees it's not all waiting and waiting. If she does, though, I'll have to start hiding my pr0n better. So it's a trade-off.
  • It's probably easiest to just turn the images off unless you really want to see them. Image-Show-Hide is a little FF extension that you can toggle on and off to do this.