July 28, 2005

Live Journal: The Latest 50 images uploaded & refreshed every minute. Somehow hypnotic, voyeuristic, addictive. Let's just assume that some/all/occasionally these images will be NSFW. Is 1 minute enough?
  • Ah. Another LJ image ripper. Run, now, run! Or you'll find yourself mesmerized for hours at the bizarre variety of self-portraits, quizzes, huge megapixel cats, dogs and shaggy boyfriends, and all that goth and manga art. And, all those emo eyeglasses. They're everywhere. You've been warned.
  • And here's one with variable number and timing of displayed images. No, don't click; didn't I warn you not to click?
  • NSFW! NSFW!!
  • addictive....... and scary... the interesting part is the strange juxtiposition of the images... everyone once in a while you get the sense that it isn't really random...each picture follows the previous one with some sort of connection or pattern... or, I need more coffee.....
  • ok..nope, what it was is that I needed LESS coffee... now I'm talking to myself...
  • coffee + livejournal = yay.
  • The scary thing for me was actually clicking through to one of the LiveJournals. Somehow I must have gotten the impression that we were all just exaggerating, but apparently people do say things like "but i was like OMFG when i saw it!!!!!!! LOL [sic, unfortunately]."
  • ..or should that be: [sick, unfortunately] s'ok, I've got my ticket to hell already.
  • oh crap! I wish you had never told us that you could click through.... I found ...this repeat after me.. "I will get no work done, I will get no work done....."
  • What. The. Fuck. Bob?
  • That would be dollyporn then huh?
  • Awesome! Did anyone see those gorgeous Irish landscapes?
  • What I really love about that page is how the site owner wants you to click his ads to pay for his bandwidth while he's sucking bandwidth away from every person whose photos he grabs without any concern at all.
  • Man, I didn't see any NSFW pics. I feel gyped.
  • see also
  • Ah, Wedge, of course! I kept having that déja vu feeling...
  • Is there a hole on the internet or something?
  • Ok, so I checked out the link and on the first look at the fourth picture down is.. uh... well... I don't think I understand what I'm looking at here. (NSFW) Damn my eyes!