July 26, 2005

People and travel.

The Australian photos are my personal favorites.

  • Welcome new monkey!
  • Chim chiminey Chimp chimp cher-oo!
  • ook ook!
  • Some top hairdos on display in the Africa photos. I wonder if the mudcake look will catch on elsewhere? I know I couldn't carry it off as well as those canny lads. The mother and child photo is just gorgeous too. Cheers Chimp!
  • You're just lying down for a well-earned entry into Nirvana and some young scamp comes and wakes you up. Bless him.
  • Very nice thanks Chimp. And welcome :)
  • I love black and white photography, but that may be because I grew up when color was pretty chancy at best and lurid in most cases. Do you guys find it evocative?
  • It still is that way, at least when I'm holding the camera. I think most of my photos look better when I scan them into photoshop and make them black and white.