July 26, 2005

Microsoft has a google-style map site too. The only difference is that in Bill's world, Apple doesn't exist. Dun dun dunnnnnn...
  • Someone on Boing Boing mentioned that Microsoft is using an out of date satellite photo and that's why it looks that way.
  • Do they honestly need a thing showing which way is north? (what's it called, again?)
  • It's called a northometer. Or a borealoscope.
  • Or a polarisvane. Or an australisophobe.
  • Or an articophile. Or a magnetophage.
  • Or an uppointer. Or a terraxial normalizer.
  • Or a globoway. Or a nordial.
  • Or a downavoider. Or an orientationizer.
  • Or a navicon. Or a pathclicker.
  • Or a cartograpede. Or a atlashifter.
  • Or a giaimorpher. Or a worldirector.
  • I really need to get a fucking life, huh?
  • Go get a girlfriend already! Sheesh. It's probably called a compass, or if it's really pretty, a compass rose.
  • Ahem... North Arrow is the correct term. But I do like the "terraxial normalizer".
  • Seriously, quid. I've been to clubs in London, and there are some desperate Hos running arround. Ever you could get one of them!
  • Do they honestly need a thing showing which way is north? It's not there to point out which way is North. You can click on it, hold the mouse button down and move your mouse around to pan the map in whatever direction your mouse is over. Distance from the center of the borealoscope will determine the speed. So in this case, I suppose the best term actually is atlashifter.