July 26, 2005

Canadian feds investigating links between Viagara and blindness. Whaddaya know -- your mother was right. You WILL go blind.

No word yet on hairy palms. (First post. Please be gentle.)

  • Oh -- and in other news, I can't spell 'Viagra'. Poor eyesight, you see.
  • (Spelling correction would have revealed koan's prior post on the U.S. story. My mistake. Can I have a First Post do-over?)
  • Everyone gets nervous their first time.
  • Everyone gets nervous their first time. I would think that Viagra could actually help with that. Assuming that you can see where you put the bottle of pills.
  • There was a highway sign on the way to Niagara Falls that had the first vertical bar of the "N" rubbed off. This made the sign read: "\|iagara Falls". Could be why you spelled it that way. (Mental image: a great viagra-powered gush flying through the air... millions of gallons...) [Or it could be that all the blood left your brain on its way to more southern locales.]
  • Great, now all the old wankers will have an excuse for walking around with their arms stretched out and their hands above my waist level. "That's not the elevator button, you jerk, it's my nipple." "Sorry mam, it's the Viagra"
  • snorkel -- you a Falls monkey? I've seen the sign too. How'd you know I was local? I haven't mentioned St. Kitts that often, have I?
  • Capt.: Nope, I'm not a Falls monkey (I'm living in Tronnow) but have had the opportunity to drive around the area. I had no idea you were local :) I guess the misspelling just brought "Niagara" to the top of my mind, since my instinct is to spell it that way too.