July 26, 2005

Jihadi's guide to sneaking into Iraq - a new guide posted on the net tells would-be terrorists the best way into the Land of Two Rivers. It establishes much of the truth of strategies used by jihadis in their mission to make Iraq a never-ending war for the US military and Iraqi civilians. "Indeed, dozens of the suicide bombers have been identified as having come from foreign countries -- most of them from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria -- and the number of foreign fighters in Iraq may number in the thousands." Via Robot Wisdom
  • Another option for contacting potential go-betweens is the Internet, the guide explains further. "I impart to thee, brother: many of them can be found on the Internet!" Generally they aren't the "stars of the forums," preferring to stay in the background, because they are being pursued by the authorities and are very busy, the author continues. Well that rules you out, moon-boy.
  • /slap
  • "Let's go Terror". Those newspaper guys are always such comedians.
  • From the artcle: "At this point, experts and analysts have little reason to dispute its authenticity, especially since it confirms many of the assumptions about how foreign terrorists sneak into Iraq." My hunch is either the "experts and analysts" read the manual first, or the whole thing, including the web site "affiliated with Al Qaida", is a planted phoney. It's just too damn convenient. "Look look," says the Chimp, "see the guide! Bad, bad guide!"
  • I just want to point out that the importance and number of foreign fighters in Iraq isn't a settled question. Only a tiny minority of insurgent captives turn out to be non-Iraqis, for example. Some of the players in this game (like the White House and the US Military) may have a political interest in shifting as much blame as they can onto foreign insurgents.
  • Only a tiny minority of insurgent captives turn out to be non-Iraqis, for example. This is true, but I believe a significant proportion of the suicide bombers are foreign jihadists ... at least I've heard that a few times. In any event, it's still a major mess.