July 24, 2005

Retiring Chimps (NYT-reg.)
  • I guess they still have control of the Monkey Cap, which means they will start getting their "Monkey Security Checks" in the mail soon. I wonder what their second wish will be?
  • .
  • high time the old chimps learnt to climb a tree flex their toes in cool tall grass or simply watch the clouds transform or smell the rain upon the wind and taste the resin of a pine or hear the birds sing in the woods and watch them dart and then fly past
  • That's the best thing I've seen you write in my short few month here beeswacky. You do rock.
  • ))) for both peacay and beeswacky!
  • Glad ye enjoyed it.
  • It sounds like Russell Bank's novel "The Darling", but on this side of the ocean.