July 22, 2005

Rock Gods of Rock! ^_^ (via) generally SFW until the ending rock song

Channel 101 has been posted before, but I think this is new since then. Think humor plus anime plus outer space plus guitars.

  • That was seriously funny! Thanks! still laughing at "fucking go already!" and "and the letter C!" if that's what she sings there.
  • Wow, this place is science fiction! And it's huge!
  • Amusing, yes. But the music is NSFE (ears).
  • We're going to Saturn, we have no choice, we're going to Saturn........ no choice. Did anyone else notice the tagline of the site: "the unavoidable future of entertainment"? Ah, Internet, you continue to amuse me.
  • funny stuff. Entertaining. And yet, the more i see this kind of animation the more I think I'll never understand the Japanese. "why does . . i mean . . why would they put . . it . . . there's no reason for . . . why . . . "
  • the unavoidable future of entertainment yeah, see my comments in the "house of cosbys" thread. More like "the unavoidable sqaundering of daddy's money to rent out Cinespace and pretend we're in the industry"
  • "squandering"