July 15, 2005

Mashups! Something over 700 mashups available for your listening pleasure at goodblimey.com. Unfortunately, you can't leech 'em anymore, since the bandwidth was exceeded in a matter of days when they were available for download. Lots of good stuff here for a wide variety of tastes. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go dance around to Rockafeller Rocket Shack.
  • I should add Flash warning, for the goodblimey tunes players.
  • What an awesome find! )))
  • I have enjoyed the mashups at this site as well, and fortunately they are available for download.
  • Beatles vs. Slick Rick! As Fats Waller used to say, "Quick! Somebody shoot me now while I'm happy!"
  • One song that never fails to move me is "Under Pressure" by Queen. "Queen vs. Annie Lennox- No More Pressure" (in Volume 2) almost made me cry. Fucking awesome.
  • This is amazing!!
  • Some of these are ingenious. "I Want Your Wonderwall" (Jackson 5 vs. Oasis) is hysterical.
  • Speaking of Mash-ups...here! (Right click and Save As...)
  • I wasn't aware of mash-ups until I received eschewed's cd in the last cd swap. Some brillant stuff there!
  • One of the best mashups I've heard is one between Queen and Daft Punk. It was called Another One Bites the Funk...and holy amazing. It was by Party Ben.
  • If you like mashups, if you are intrigued by people putting these pieces together, check out "People Like Us." I made an FPP about the genius of Vicki Bennett about a week ago. She and John Oswald brought mashups into the digital age. Oswald has been active in these sort of "cut-ups" since the reel-to-reel tape days, and Bennett has been creating her soundscapes since about 1981.
  • Here's the FPP deconstructo mentions...
  • I am saddened to report, however, that mashups were officially pronounced dead over a year ago, when David Bowie sponsored a mashup contest.
  • thanks, smt. I must not be living right. That's twice in two days that I've bjorked up a link in my comments.
  • I've been trying like hell to live left all my life, but to no avail... Nice FPP by the way deconstructo. I failed to see it, most likely due to the holiday. It has been a while since I've listened to the likes of plunderphonics. I haven't caught the DO or DIY show on WFMU, I'll have to check it out - cheers!
  • Nice FPP by the way deconstructo. I failed to see it, most likely due to the holiday. Thanks, but I think that the London tube/bus bombings just maybe were more important that day... and i'll trod the leftern path with ye...
  • Ooo. Much agreed with the "Wonderwall," wo mu si! Way down at the bottom there's RHCP/the Streets: "Mugged Under a Bridge Downtown." Title alone is enough to crack me up.
  • If mashups are dead, they haven't told the folks at gybo.