July 15, 2005

Picture Australia
A vast repository of digital images from a large number of libraries, archives, museums, galleries & universities. There are more than a million images accessible.
  • Holy shit, that's excellent.
  • It is, too. Here's the pub I bought some beers at half an hour ago. It's a five minute walk from my house.
  • This joint was across the road from my childhood home. It's a place they raised little Aboriginals to be good whities and forget their families, which, I am told, didn't work terribly well.
  • The 'trails' are a good idea.
  • Oh! OH! w00t! /ecstatic over bird and beast section
  • Actually, while we're at it...here's an American site with an extensive photo catalogue.
  • Oh and I really should acknowledge that the Oz pic site was found via Resource Shelf - who provide a wonderful set of intelligent links to peruse weekly or so. Gotta trust a librarian.
  • And one more other little one - Collection and Subject Area Overviews from the Library of Congress - Prints & Photographs Reading Room.
  • So naturally i went looking for images of where i am now, and found this, which is super ironic because one of the researchers at the lab works on chickens!!!
  • well pluck me dead! (my suburb's not in there - but very local stuff especially in Sydney, is better likely located from local library sites methinks. Or at least, the closer to the centre of Sydney, the older the suburb and hence the more likely it will have had vintage photos making it again more likely to be found in a major archive.)
  • I used to live one house away from here.
  • I vote we rename this thread the Wolof and Quid Tour of The Old Home Place.
  • When I picture Australia I see a sun-baked land full of fierce, blunt-speaking natives feverishly practising one of the many sporting endeavours at which they will shortly humiliate England. Well, that and the poems of Les Murray. I now see how wrong I was. Lovely stuff.