July 15, 2005

It all started with some spiderwebs.

We've had various disagreements in the past. Some members leave, others later return. We've had various meetups. Long games. Three Musicblog Listings. Four successful CD swaps. I got a gmail account, an ipod, and a t-shirt thanks to this place. This is who we are and here's what we look like. Some longstanding favorite threads. The injokes. We got a wiki (even though many are confused on how to use it). Our leader even had a baby. I'm sure I'm not the only one with many good memories of this place so Curious, George: What are your favorite threads and greatest memories of this lovely little playground we've been given?

  • This thread is one. Very impressive html genial.
  • I fell for it it.
  • Actually, it started before the spiderwebs and it started on different software (nuke.php), but my memory's not good enough to tell you what the previous posts were. Tracy or Michael are realistically the only ones who'd be able to say what these posts were, although perhaps I am doing a disservice to the memory magic of Kimberly, Pez, Soooz and Coriolis Dave*. So, if you guys remember ..... *If I forgot your name, please don't be offended!
  • Mickey, certainsome1, kirk, ... dhruva, whom I forgot because the spider post was his ...
  • I hate it all. I only come to pick at the scab of my own self-loathing.
  • You're not fron Yorkshire or anything?
  • (as you can see by the misspelling, that last post was the sort of ill-considered gesture that can lead to shit)
  • Most scabs came from Nottingham back in the day. *makes the shit inducing gesture too*
  • Holy crap, the CD Swap!! /panics
  • yeah it didnt last very long on the other site, so i dont think there were that many posts. (hi wolof)
  • Do we have a screenshot of what MoFi looked like prior to the adoption of the "lavender" stylesheet? I came in about a week after that, so I never got to see it. dhruva! awesome!
  • Neat post, genial.
  • What are your favorite threads and greatest memories of this lovely little playground we've been given? oh, man, that's tough we have threads that are the best of the web there was the introducing each other threads, the piss day threads, all the poetry threads, the kitten, lemming, and elephant threads... it just goes on and on
  • Looks like a good thread for my first comment )) :) Pretty obvious that I'm new here, but I'm reading all the links to get a feel of the place.
  • Greetings, heXiuM!
  • The original stylesheet is still an option in your profile, I believe. It's the inverse-Mefi looking one. Google for PHP-Nuke to get an idea of how MoFi looked originally; I sadly never kept a screenshot. My first ever post was, I think, pictures of sheep.
  • Inverse-Mefi looking one? I can't figure out which one that is, sadly. Googling for "PHP-Nuke" isn't helping either. I suck at teh intarweb.
  • I L♥V 4LL T3H MUNKY THR3DZZZ!!!111!11QWERTY!!! *hugs all the threads, gets sucked in and is never heard from again*
  • the_bone, it's the "So Blue" stylesheet. Pretty ugly. Here is the PHP-Nuke official site. MoFi looked fairly similar (minus all the ads), since I hadn't created any templates and it only had a basic logo to begin with.
  • Now I remember what sort of cool modules it had, like one that looks at post stats and links the biggest story for the day on the sidebar, plus slashdot-esque polls and cheesy stuff like that.
  • Oh, pleeez, trac, you know MonkeyFilter sprang into being full-grown, as from the brow of...What? Really? Never mind.