July 12, 2005

Did you know that Republicans were the party of troop withdrawal? Neither did I. Good for President Bush to do the right thing by removing our troops from harm's way. It shows true leadership and courage to stand up to those damn warmongering Democrats, who ought to be taught a lesson in the 2006 midterm elections if you ask me. If they didn't want the blood of eighteen hundred of our brave sons and daughters on their pretty little hands, didn't want to butcher them in a foreign desolate land, didn't want them to die for obscure reasons and an ill-defined end, didn't want to commit treason in other words... well, they should have voted against the Iraq War Resolution. But they didn't. They are the reason your friends and relatives are dying in that quagmire, and by God they will regret that resolution. I say, in 2006, vote for the party that wants our troops to return home safely. Vote for the party that will get them out of this misbegotten war. Vote for the true patriots. Vote Republican!