November 18, 2003

Andrew Northrup lays it down (Although I don't know if Lars von Trier's numbers were that good.) (On preview -- where's my title, dude?)
  • City so nice they named it twice. Trace, could you scratch one of these? Please?
  • Done, and your title appears on the comments screen.
  • Gracias. I guess the bugs'll get sorted by happening and complaint. More or less happening, though, shouldn't be long now.
  • Yeah, coriolisdave's login issue is the one bothering me at the moment. Otherwise we're definitely getting there, which isn't bad for a 24-hour-old site.
  • Also, do you think if we made those rules a legal requirement for weblogs, we'd lose all the hot-air celebrity blogs? And, you know, I for one could live without political blogs. And any blogs that deal exclusively with Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter slash fanfiction, and... I should stop now.
  • But.. but... where would we be without our trek/vampire slash fanfic blogs? If we take them down, well... the terrorists have already won.
  • At least most bloggers avoid the blink tag. Now that was a disaster. I like the fact that 89% of the blogosphere is wanking. People should wank more, it releases tension and in these troubled times surely that can't be viewed as a bad thing.
  • I bravely resisted the prostate gland excuse.
  • Sure, but do you want to *clench*?
  • *Clenching* now. Could someone please call Andrew Sullivan?
  • 1) Having a website does not make you interesting. The fact that someone said something stupid on a website is no longer considered noteworthy. this guy jumped out in front of the herd to tell us all what we already know? Me thinks he doth protest and whine too much.
  • Having a website does not make you interesting. Said by a guy. With a website. I think he just wanted to invent a new word. Blogma, indeed.
  • I think he just wanted to invent a new word. Blogma, indeed. Ha! Oh sweet irony. I've read somewhere (can't find it again, my bad, take it for what it's worth) that a ridiculously high number of blogs are written for a small group of the author's friends. If anyone you don't know reads it more than once or twice (google search results aside, of course) then it's gravy. I think hosted blogging changed that to a certain extent (I know I found some of my regular reads from clicking on TypePad's "recently updated"), but in general people don't have the time or energy to keep a wider audience entertained. I just love people who bitch about blogging on a blog. That gives me an existential thrill.
  • I think you will find that Northrup is not an irony-deprived zone. Recursion, dudes, recursion.
  • certainsome1! And Mickey! You were there too!
  • And scarecrow!