June 28, 2005

Barbary Apes Run Wild on Gibraltar - Amusing NYTimes article about the last "free-range monkeys" in Europe
  • Wow. When I was on Gibralter about 8 years ago, the monkeys were pretty much confined to the huge rock in the middle of the place. We took the mandatory trip up the side of the hill and watched them beg for handouts. My sister wanted to feed them, so I convinced her to give them the loaf of malt bread which we had bought in a town supermarket. (It was, um..., different. Do Brits really like it?) She intended to tear off pieces to toss to the assembly, but one determined monkey grabbed it out of her hand and made off with it. The big, furry thing looked as though it would brook no agrument, and was kind of scary looking, so we drove back down the hill. If we had found one in our hotel room, we'd have been back in Spain in a flash.
  • Malt bread is fookin' awesome. Good for the ol' digestive system. Mmmmm mmmm. Can be made sugar free.
  • "..waiting expectantly for a tourist to toss them a handful of potato chips, which the British call crisps." Typical worldly NYTimes journalism.
  • We have a family of Barbary Apes here in the Las Vegas Zoo. I think they may be mentally impared from living lives in cages. I've always wanted to compare them to their 'free-range' brethren.
  • I often wonder much the same thing about people who've been too long pent in cities, SpishCo. There's no telling what monkeys may do. /resoves to canoodle tourists into throwing him a loaf of malt bread as soon as he finds some tourists
  • Typical worldly NYTimes journalism. Well, it is based in the United States....
  • hey path.. The monkeys in Nepal are the same breed of agressive. I was sitting around at one one the temples with a bit of cheese and the monkeys just had to have it, teeth bared and in full attack mode. I let them have it. Nasty beasts them hungry monkeys.
  • *sees Ben and Jerry ice cream carton, bares teeth OOOK OOOK! *gets spoon out of drawer