June 28, 2005

The Running of the Nudes, in which PETA asks Donald Rumsfeld to join "The Human Race."
  • The rationale of this seems doubtful to me. Staging a nude event two days before the real thing is adding an extra inducement to carry on with the bull-running, isn't it? "Hey, I feel sorry for the bulls, but if we stop, those nice young people won't run naked through the streets any more." Of course, if they could get Rumsfeld, it would be a different story...
  • in which PETA asks Donald Rumsfeld to join "The Human Race." This is another zombie thread, isn't it?
  • naked zombies! woo!
  • Bullshit.
  • jer is that a comment on nude runners in general, or the rumsfeldian nude specifically?
  • Plegmund is so wise! Of course! What PETA needs is a geriatric membership, who could hobble down the streets baring sags, wrinkles and age spots, dribbling a bit because they couldn't wear their Depends, and hoping they could finish the trip with their walkers before the bulls actually got there. The whole world would shudder and turn away from the very name "Pamplona." forever! Rumsfeld would fit in pretty well.
  • Must. Remove. Mental. Image. Of Rumsfeld ...Naked.
  • Man, this is what PETA should focus on: attractive, college-aged people running around naked in public. I mean whatever their campaigns, they're always better suited to nudity than the splashing paint or screaming protests or whatever.
  • SpishCo: this can only be done by splashing acid in the eyes
  • *spalshes acid in eyes* Better! (Yup. Acid in the eyes would be better than Rumsfeld naked.)