June 28, 2005

Download music from around the world at Smithsonian Global Sound. I hope I don't come off like a shill for the site. It's like iTunes only with cultural music from around the world. 99 cents a song. Get some free samples here. Search by geographic area, or by instrument (like conch shell, or sumpotan).
  • Well I'm glad you posted it smallish bear - enjoying one of the free tracks right now and will seriously consider buying a few. Cheers.
  • )))
  • Nice link. Also you have a good name. You are a smallish bear among monkeys. *pats bear on head*
  • ooh, this is a good thing.
  • Good thing, indeed. Thanks for posting :)
  • Just stumbled across Global Sound while searching for a rather obscure track - - and ended up purchasing more than I had anticipated! Actually, I have rarely paid to download music before, based simply on the quality/compression of the files offered. I was pleased to see that not only does the Smithsonian's site offer an unbelievable range of musical styles/genres, etc., they also give you the option of downloading in .flac format (lossless)! Hooray!