June 28, 2005

a Million Ways to be Cruel [16.2 MB QuickTime file]
  • )))
  • Nice.
  • ... five, six, seven, eight and point! two disco! four grape vine shuffle eight and push! two push! four push! six push! eight and leeeeeean... Show choir in high school. Ah, the memories. Oh, and ).
  • Eeeeeeexcellent.
  • not that I want to sound cynical, but how much do you want to bet this was painstakingly choreographed by the likes of Paula Abdul or the guy that knocked-up Britney?
  • Well, I love the internet anyway.
  • hayzeus h. cryyyst on a pogo stick on the focus pull, did they do that in one take? Nice.
  • This is great! Uh...so who is it?
  • barbecue tongs! barbecue tongs! /Steve Martin Nice ... I especially liked the bullet-time slap.
  • Oh definitely best internet fun of the week. thanks srobot.
  • Hey! I saw them last year. Their set was mediocre, but for their last song they put down their instruments and just danced to a dub track. Practically resuscitated the evening :)
  • stuff like this gives me hope damn them
  • This charmed my socks off. Thanks sexyrobot.