June 07, 2005

Breaking News From the World of Science!! Some smart dolphins use sea sponges for foraging. Really smart ones use sea shopping baskets. via robot wisdom
  • Onion article about dolphins using tools to take over the world is slowly coming true! Yay!
  • As long as they don't give us thanks and leap out of the planet, all will be well.
  • "sponging" sound kind of dirty, especially when the article calls it a "solitary activity". otherwise, what kittenhead said!
  • spongeworthy dolphins! *semi-obscure seinfeld reference*
  • spongeworthy dolphins Do not, I repeat, do not google "sex with dolphins" unless you'd like to trust humans again.
  • "Sex with dolphins"--there's an old Upright Citizen's Brigade episode about that. . .
  • What a load of cobblers. Dolphins using tools? Rubbish. They're so stupid they're probably trying to eat them. Next you'll be telling me they have some sort of language or something. Pfff.
  • >"sponging" sound kind of dirty, especially when the article calls it a "solitary activity". Yeah, but the article also says: “Males are more interested in forming alliances with other males than sponging,” If it was a dirty, solitary activity, the males would be all over it. Or am I projecting?
  • Hey, Flipper, scrub my back, willya?
  • BlueHorse, beware of anything you ask a dolphin to do behind your back. And for gawd's sake don't pet his tummy, no matter how cute he pretends to be.

    You can't say now that you weren't warned.

  • I'm a male dolphin and don't go sponging very often. I like to swim with the other guys and not appear in sponge-faced disguise.
  • Yeah!