June 06, 2005

Artist Dave Devries takes children's drawings of monsters and turns them into paintings. -- via BoingBoing
  • neato!
  • Man that was fun. Thanks!
  • Thank God I grew up! Brilliant!
  • (((
  • I think I prefer the kids pictures, to be honest Especially this one
  • I like the monster pictures better than the superhero ones, but I likes 'em all.
  • The super hero ones look like monsters too.
  • Wheeeeee! (((( I do wish I might see the Toilet Monster...at a safely artistic remove, mind you.
  • What a great idea! On the other hand, I wonder if his paintings make the kids feel inadequate. On the gripping hand, they're kids. Fuck 'em!
  • Nice link.
  • Man, this is awesome. I'd love to have side-by-side prints of these.
  • These kids need to be taught about copyright law.
  • mct -- I would too! That was my first thought after, "whoa, cool!"
  • One grotesquely misshapen, arbitrarily eyeballed and smearily colored banana for you, meredithea.
  • arbitrarily eyeballed... hee hee hee! Thanks!
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  • Try again today, Bees. This was way cool. If that's what kids are really picturing in their minds when they sketch out a monster, no wonder they pee the bed at night. *shudders, turns on nightlight
  • Oh, these are great fun! Seven year-old Brendon Miller's flame-headed, bird-stomached monster compels my admirtation -- I think this lad has a future.