May 25, 2005

An unnerving last entry that, unknowingly, told who his murderer was. This is an unnerving last entry of a murdered blogger. Suspect has been caught and confessed, let's hope that justice prevails. Very creepy to read victims last post. Thanks to null terminated/mefi.
  • Sorry for the repetition, didn't do a preview.....
  • That is unnerving. Such a casual entry, and there is his muderer, in the house.
  • freaky deaky...
  • Here's his other site It's strange....I was going to comment something like "remind me never to post anything about getting killed" until I saw his pictures. It really struck home. He was too young to die. It's so fucking sad.
  • That blog entry is freaky, mainly because he could sense something weird. The phone call from his sister to her boyfriend, as she was being murdered, didn't help ID the killer?
  • There is nothing satisfying about hearing of two young lives cut short, but there's a small measure of satisfaction in hearing how a murder victim helped to identify the man who murdered him and his sister.
  • I've found new respect for blogs today. R.I.P., kid.
  • Cardozo, QC... God, if I was a few years younger I probably would have known these kids. Rest in peace. Both of you.
  • [ * * * * ] No words... Sucks to hear about stuff like this going down...
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  • Very eerie and sad. How interesting that police will now examine a victim's blog for clues.
  • There was the case of Rachelle Waterman who murdered her mom (allegedly) and police used her livejournal as evidence against her. (It looks like the entries talking about her mom's death have been deleted, but a semi-complete version of what was deleted can be found here.) I know we talked about it here, but I can't find the link.
  • I didn't find it particularly unnerving, mostly because of how often people work, live, and talk with their murderers on a daily basis. Would it be as disturbing to hear that a woman had received a voice-mail from her ex-husband just before he killed her for whatever reason? Or a man that had just been talking about vacations with his co-worker the day before being gunned down with a few other people by said co-worker? Maybe it's a product of my horror-warped sensibilities, but it seems to be just a new face on an old, albeit tragic and horrifying occurrence.
  • The difference here, trig, is that we are able to step into his shoes for his last few moments, except only we know these are his last few minutes/hours. We don't usually hear other people's last moments talking/living/working with their murderers. That's what makes this eerie, at least for me.