May 17, 2005

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  • And while reading this site, here are some background noises. (I don't want to hijack this thread but it was too tempting)
  • When I was young I was very dental phobic. Even brushing my teeth was too much, because it reminded me of the dentist. I managed to not go to the dentist and not brush my teeth for 8 years. Then I went to a learning hospital and was guinea pig for dentists in training. I spent about 150 hours in the chair, and after that my phobia was gone. But unfortunately I still have bad cleaning habits. As a matter of fact, I go tomorrow again, for a root canal. Yay! No, that 'yay!' is not true, as I tend to have a lot of pain and get sinus infections after every major thing the dentist does.
  • poor mare! yikes. i had a friend years ago who COULD NOT go to the dentist because of his strong gag reflex (my friend's, not the dentist's). every time we'd even talk about a dentist, my friend would gag.
  • This reminds me of an advertisement seen in Los Angeles for a dentist that "caters to dental chickens". Someone once saw the sign and said, "I didn't know that chickens had teeth".
  • Thank you for posting this right before I get my wisdom (teeth) removed...At least, for that, they sedate you.
  • thursday, I'm getting mine removed soon. You're not alone.
  • I just had a canine tooth replaced after breaking it on a beer bottle. My dentist is great.
  • If you hate the dentist do not rent "The Day of the Jackal."
  • ... or "Marathon Man".
  • And don't see Chanwook Park's "Oldboy"
  • I'm fine. Nothing that a Ketorolac can't handle. But don't give it to your dog. O, and 'Oldboy' is very nice! Go see!