May 17, 2005

Old time music (in the public domain)
  • Yeah, right on! I came accross this last summer while I was looking for new materiel for my band. If you liked this stuff, then you may also like this! (there's a bunch of lecture type things in there, too, but the actual songs are easy to pick out.)
  • thanks JJ--I'm always looking for PD recordings.
  • I found that site recently when looking for some music to put into a short film. Naughty Hula Eyes and the original versin of When The Levee Breaks fit very nicely.
  • Good stuff. Thanks, Jerry!
  • Real cool oldies ! BTW, when will the Elvis Presley back catalogue fall in the public domain ?
  • Most of these songs shaped what was to become 60s folk and rock (Dylan and the Rolling Stones always pay tribute to Robert Johnson, Charley Patton or Ma Rainey when asked for their sources of inspiration)... and even influenced a certain Mr Kobain ("Where Did You Sleep Last Night?")
  • Some time well after Michael Jackson dies I imagine, JohnRoux.