May 17, 2005

Gumby at 50 Five decades after Gumby first captured the world's imagination, the little green guy and his chums are starring in a new art exhibit - the first in a series of events to mark the 50th anniversary of the television icon's creation and launch his comeback.
  • I love Gumby, thanks dt! Gumby's so fabulous that he should be president and that's fact. wouldn't take much to be more eloquent than the current incumbent
  • Seriouly, he'd make the shrub look like a intelectual piker, that's fo sho. Odd, how a little green lump of clay could best the current POTUS in a game of intellect.
  • Odd how this is once again all about Bush.
  • In the end, isn't everything?
  • Oh wait...I had a different bush in mind.
  • does this mean pokey's 50 too?
  • We haven't had a thread turn into a Bush-bashing thread in quite some time. I think my Bush-fatigue might be wearing off.
  • The only thing i know about Gumby is Eddie Murphy's take on him in an Saturday Night Live sketch where he goes: "My name is Gumby! Not Gum!" No but seriously, Gumby has to be the funniest name ever, right? Or maybe Nimrod is. Or maybe not.