May 07, 2005

Finance and trade under Edward III: The London lay subsidy of 1332 "The reign of Edward the Third is one of the longest in history, and long reigns tend to possess an interest which is even more than proportionate to their length. It is, however, an interest that springs not so much from unity as from contrast and change, the beginning and the end of such a reign lie in different worlds. The three visitations of pestilence in 1349, 1361 and 1366 make this especially true of the reign of Edward III..."
  • Ooh, definitely bookmarking that for a later read. ))) *wishes she were back in grad school*
  • The Centre for Metropolitan History is very cool - I met someone from there who was working on a study of early modern clothing by recording every instance an article of clothing was mentioned in court records - what it was, who was wearing it, where they were wearing it. It was a very imaginative use of sources, but also very intensive databasing (he was teaching a databases course at the time). Historical study needs more centres and groups like this, to support long research and group projects.
  • Then there's the archive of Bryn Mawr Classical Review articles.
  • Alos great in a similar topic Scotland, Scandinavia and Northern Europe (1580 - 1707) database.
  • Also, also. I will spell correctly. I will spell correctly. I will spell correctly. I will spell correctly. I will spell correctly...
  • "I will spell correctly." See, you just did! I can do it too: C O R R E C T L Y. Should we shoot for "consanguineous"?
  • "consanguineous" There's some commercial for something I heard on the radio yesterday featuring a kid in a spelling bee getting that one right, in case anybody was wondering what brought on that lame attempt at humor.