April 15, 2005

Mom's Cancer. This comic tells the story of the author/artist and his family as they face his mother's illness. The comic had been taken offline at the request of the publisher who'll be printing it. It's back online for a limited time as it's been nominated for an Eisner award. (Sorry, couldn't find a page listing the 2005 nominees.)
  • nice post smallish bear, thanks.. now, the rest of you, don't do what I did.. I went through about three "chapters" and then clicked on the last one.. I wish I hadn't done that...
  • Just got through it. Great link.
  • Wow- what a story. Thanks, smallish bear.
  • Ugh. Now I'm worried. My mom, who lives out of state from me, has been a lifelong smoker who makes flimsy excuses for not being able to quit (eg. "I'm too stressed out right now. I'll do it later."). She's also had a persistent cough for well over a year now, which she always attributes to just getting over being sick or allergies. She's stubborn about going to the doctor. Now I really want her to get a chest x-ray. How's a monkey to get her mom in to the doctor from 3000 miles away?
  • send her a print out of the comic.
  • Wow, thanks for posting this, smallish bear. A good friend of mine's grandmother was recently diagnosed with inoperable stomach cancer - I hope that reading this will help my friend cope. I remember seeing this a while back but never got around to reading it, so ))).
  • kittenhead, let your mom know you have serious concern for her -- and let other family members know of it, too, and ask them to urge her as well.
  • thanks for posting this, smallish bear. It's a great story and deserves wider distribution. I'm glad to know it'll be in a print version soon, as I'd like to send copies to lots of folks. kittenhead, I think beeswacky and At Swim Two Birds have good advice... all I can offer is sympathy at dealing with parents over a distance.
  • Thanks for the advice, all. I just sent this off to my sisters, who have been as ineffective as I have in getting her to quit and go to the doctor. Hopefully they will step up the campaign with me. I looked at Print Preview to print it out but all of the "chapters" have a different number of panels, making printing it out neatly difficult (it splits panels up on different pages). I'll try and figure something out for printing it, though, because I think Mom needs to see this!
  • It will be a fiddle, but, I think, worth it. If it was me, I'd save the images (right click save-as) then use something like paintshop pro to assemble them in neat order, if need be.
  • My dad had cancer last year. (Thank God, it was not this bad... but he's still having surgeries.) This comic is so heart felt and wonderful.
  • Jane at Firedoglake has been diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time. She's in surgery today. Various bloggers are waiting to hear how she's doing and hoping for the best.
  • uncanny timing (of the links) HD. Thanks for a pointer to the right thread!
  • cheap, safe drug kills most cancers. The drug, dichloroacetate (DCA), has already been used for years to treat rare metabolic disorders and so is known to be relatively safe.
  • Maybe. They went apeshit over that story on the Blue.
  • > Jane at Firedoglake Weird timing for me too. I saw Jane Hamsher on a BBC program called Blog Wars (or something like that) two nights ago. It was the first time I put a face on the firedoglake blog.