April 01, 2005

Now I'm thirsty.
  • A day sooner and it could've saved Terri, especially with it's auto-drink feature.
  • Which makes me think...if Terri had died today, would anyone have believed the news report...or would we have said... "Ah, come-on now... you're just joshing me, right???" /hate myself for that...
  • Just missed another goofy-celebrity/historic-religious-figure death combo (Princess Diana/Mother Theresa being the other). Just like the pope to be behind the times on another issue.
  • So is this real? I'm praying like hell it's a Fool.. The viral "It's rare so I must have it or I'm not cool enough" buzz marketing garbage they pulled with GMail (now maxing out for $2.99) makes me hate people.
  • Here in the UK, April Fool's Day is now officially over (it's 14.40hrs). Thank fuck.
  • Wait, who's the goofy one in the Schiavo/Pope scenario?
  • NO! kicks googling pod-google away from door ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • While they don't come right out and say it, the FAQ leads me to believe it's a Fool. (Or should we call it a GFool?)
  • my vote: GoogleFool
  • So your debate is ... whether this is an April Fool's Day gag by Google or just a random non-April Fool's Day-related gag by Google that happened to surface on April 1?
  • Uh, yeah, it's clearly a joke. Also check out Gmail's new service upgrade.
  • I like this one, but my personal favorite all-time GoogleFool is PigeonRank.
  • Thank you fuyugare.
  • Silly monkeys, it's obviously a joke. I just liked the reference to viral marketing in the FAQ while describing something that works very much like gmail.