April 01, 2005

Fixate the green dot for a while and watch the others disappear. Actually they don't disappear. Nice visual illusion, used in neuroscientific conscioussnes research - the background motion somehow interfers with the percept of the dots. What's reality anyways?
  • I love things like this. Thanks.
  • Groovy -- but the bottom one never goes away for me. What's wrong with my eyes!? (Gouges out same)
  • monkeyfilter: what's reality anyways?
  • It doesn't work if you set the yellow dots to about two inches in diameter. Just sayin'
  • If that doesn't make you dizzy enough, here's some other's to tantalize your senses
  • This is pretty cool! "Your honour, I didn't see the red light on account of motion induced neurological thingamajiggy. It's not my fault!"
  • OMG, I work in visual cognition. For an open house last month, we replicated a room-sized demo of this effect, inducing people standing against a wall to disappear.