April 01, 2005

For Monkeys who need to fling poop. Literally.
  • Happy Birthday, Tom DeLay!
  • That's just what I need for me bonsai.
  • I'm going to send one to myself and claim it was from my ex. That should boost the ol' child support payments. Thanx for this.
  • Grover96, I can understand the neighbors being upset with this guy, but the message included with the package was chilling, to say the least.
  • It is a little "You'd better slepp with one eye open"-ish, but you are a damn fool if you brag about shooting a neighborhood cat. And I ain't even a cat fan.
  • slepp=sleep
  • Yeah, but they're his neighbors. What's with the anonymous threats? They sound like a pretty cowardly bunch to me.
  • It's not anonymous...they did say it was from the neighbors. I'm sorry, I'd rather a neighbor act cowardly in this way as opposed to showing some backbone and picking him off with his own .22.
  • It's anonymous because none of the neighbors is taking responsibility for it. They're acting like a mob. If this guy has transgressed the community standards, they need to confront him face to face, not leave shit on his doorstep with anonymous internet messages telling him 'to watch out every time he drives.' And why would the only other option be shooting at him? WTF? I thought this product was funny at first. Not anymore.
  • For those monkeys who consider themselves too dignified to fling poop, but sometimes find the need for such a service... Please reference my profile.
  • I don't see anything wrong with a bit of anonymous shit-sending and threatening to a cat-killing fuck. Now he suspects everyone. And well he should... I personally would feel better by telling him to his face, but sinister works well too.
  • What's with the anonymous threats? They sound like a pretty cowardly bunch to me. So you'd personally confront this lunatic with the .22? "Excuse me, sir. Please put the firearm down. I'm here to express my outrage." There's a difference between courage and blind foolishness.
  • The message to the cat killer doesn't sound like a threat at all, IMO. Summed up, it just says that 'we all hate you'. Telling him to leave the community isn't a threat, it's really sound advise. He's part of a community, yet he can never be a part of this community again. There will always be shit stirring over this. Yelling matches, cops be called repeatedly, yadayada... He ruined his standing in the community and can never reclaim it. He should just get the fuck out of there.
  • fling )))))
  • Sort of reminds me of the first time I heard my dad swear. When I was about 6 my family had two cats, and they did what cats do, hunt starlings. My dad got a call from an upset neighbor complaining that our cats were hanging out in his yard, preying on bird house that was some thirty feet high on a pole. My dad told this was impossible because the pole was steel and there was no way the cats could climb it. The conversation went on and on and got more heated until the last line. It went something like this: Neighbor "Why don't you put bells on your cats!" My Dad "Why don't you put bells on your goddamn birds!!!" My dad slams the phone down and we eventually put bells on our cats. To this day many a punchline in family gettogethers ends with "Why don't you put bells on your goddamn (insert current subject matter here)"
  • Grover: cracked up! Wouldn't I love to be able to use that line.
  • Looks like someone else needs a Poogram.
  • I'd like to send her a D-Con sandwich. Of course Animal Control wouldn't help -- it's natural for cats to hunt birds. I hope this stupid bitch serves time. this is why I can't watch Animal Cops anymore ...