January 02, 2005

A yummy Gingerbread CPU. Also on this site: a gingerbread laptop.
  • First came the gingerbread man. Then came the gingerbread machine. As we speak, cybergingerbreadyne systems is losing control over skygingerbread net, and the War For Earth will possibly doom us all. Rumours of a prototype liquid gingerbread terminator (with delicious frosting) abound, and we can only hope that Arnold Lebkuchenegger will save us all. Let the resistance begin!
  • Very neat! But too tasty looking! Have been stuffed all too thoroughtly this past week, to the point thinking about edibles makes me cringe. *bloats*
  • And when the children come in, I cook them with electricty. *cackles*
  • I murdered them with science. O wot a fine, fat lie that is.
  • I'd need a large cup of really hot tea to go with that.