December 29, 2004

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that nobody has posted this here before. (Via MeFi)

So what's your favorite design, and what obvious ones have they missed (No Pirate? No Geek? No Cymbal Player?)

  • Hiya, wendell.
  • Wendell, I bookmarked it. I thought about posting it to Mofi, but I guess I was asleep at the wheel. I love the sock monkeys though.
  • Oh yeah, maybe I should've just thrown this over here...
  • There is a seafaring monkey. That's kind of like a pirate.
  • They have a karate monkey, but no ninja monkey? Pfft. What a bunch of dorks.
  • Guess we know where Nostril's sock went.
  • hee hee
  • They have a Fez monkey, but no Wendell or rodgerd monkeys? *cries*
  • so if i make a sock monkey and weasel it to wendell, could everyone dress it funny and take pictures? it could be our intrepid space monkey, launched in its capsule, with a log book: Stardate: January 2005 oh my god, it's full of starts cue Thus Spake Zarathustra
  • How to make your own Sock Monkey Very detailed, but it requires using a sewing machine and my mom won't let me :(
  • Ooh, he's a non-traditional stripey sock monkey! pete, you could sew it by hand with a needle and thread, but I don't know if you're allowed scissors.