December 29, 2004

Curious George: When do you want to have the next CD exchange?

This is NOT a call for signups. That will happen w/in the next week or two after I work out the kinks in a slightly revised system. But be aware that it is coming and you will be notified. For those who are new to the game: First read this: Holiday 2004 Mini Exchange
Second Round announcement
Where it all came from
Call for signups for the first exchange
Tracy's Blog Post

  • woah, I totally screwed that up. The FAQ is here. The correct view of the other links can be found in my profile.
  • Yeehaw! Anytime's good for me, I've got a hankerin for making mixes lately, my improv group just did a cdx for christmas, so those muscles are flexed and ready to go. Also, I was slackerly enough to miss mofi cdx II, so jonesing, to say the least.
  • I am so down this time. DOWN! I got a new computer and CD burner, and I. Am. DOWN. As to timeframe, whenever's fine with me. I may need a couple of weeks to get my track listing together, but other than that, the sooner the better.
  • Best thread number ever (at least since the Great Purge of early October) (I'll participate)
  • I'm dizzown...
  • Oh I mean... when the call for signups occurs, I will be prepared to be dizzown... rather... um... (This is what happens when you scroll too fast..)
  • Of course I am down, I love these exchanges... however I am still waiting for two of the five Xmas CDs I was supposed to receive..
  • I don't have cool indie music taste - you all know everything I know, already, and chances are you hate it - but this is an awesome idea, and I greatly envy it in the most positive way possible. Awesome. That is all.
  • HEY! ME ME ME ME mE ME ME ME ME!!! where do I sign up!?
  • I'll probably have to sit this one out. Sorry.
  • Wurwilf, what better way to get some indie music exposure? Dive in, the water's fine. Also, shotsy, since it doesn't look like you're getting explicit answers to your question here, how about "as soon as you're ready?"
  • swap date February 1? Anyone?
  • Yeah, Wurwilf, I know squat about indie music. I'll be sending out what I listen to, and I look forward to discovering what the others listen to. You guys like Weird Al Yankovic, right?
  • This sounds like a good excuse to dust off some trucker-themed 8-tracks.
  • Sorry not to be more specific, the primary link in the FPP goes to the Xchange BBS and you can vote on that page for a specific date.
  • I voted. And I felt good about it, too. Where's my sticker?
  • Yeah, but you have to give in order to get back; it's a circle, and all that. I don't have anything to offer. But it is cool.
  • woo hoo, finally one I have time and inclination to take part in! hooray.
  • Wurwilf, don't worry about it. I've done two exchanges so far, and everybody has completely different taste. That's what makes it fun. I don't care if I get a mix of all familiar songs, it's just neat to see how someone put them together. Besides, those of us who spend our musical lives immersed in the indie rock scene have HUGE gaps in our knowledge of mainstream music. Even if I listened to the radio more often, my town doesn't have a Top 40 station. So what you think "everyone knows" is probably brand-new to me. Gimme!
  • I'd like to participate, but have noticed, in the past year, some odd delays in postal deliveries. I still have family in Missouri, and package mail seems to take forever to get back and forth across the border. I've shipped to the UK recently and not had long delays, but Canada-US package shipping seems to be a problem. Oh, and duty was charged for the last two items which arrived, despite the word 'GIFT' which was written in bold across the mailer. Any thoughts on this?
  • coppermac: I've not had any problems shipping overseas, though don't know enough about the mailin' biz to offer any advise other than to double check w/ the postal worker who you drop the packages off with. Did you list the value as something super low? Wurwilf (and lurkers in the same boat): In every exchange you and your trading buddies will get stuff you don't care for, but I've never seen an instance of anybody being rude towards anyone else about their taste. Its all about the fun of getting stuff and the discovery of groovy new tunes. We'd love to have you and if you choose to join us, just make something YOU like. It is nice to get a musical portrait of people.
  • Where do I sign up?
  • Thanks, shotsy. I've sent cds before, never valuing them under $15.00, but delays have resulted in higher-priced items too.
  • *stands far away from sexyrobot*
  • DrPresAmerica: Signups will be announced within the coming weeks. This is just a test the water, teaser sort of thing.
  • It looks like we are leaning pretty heavily towards the 25th, so I am going to formalize this. Keep an eye out here and on MoFi for updates. I will start accepting sign-ups no later than the 14th of January and continue to accept them through February 10th. Groups will be compiled at that time and dispersed. Discs should be mailed no later than Friday, February 25th. All of this will be repeated and you will not be quized.
  • Having never done this before, does we sign up here, or on your site, shotsy? BTW, )))) for taking this on.
  • I am changing the sign-up biz a bit from the way we did it before, but when it is organized i will post here and full instructions will be included then. So keep an eye on the site from time to time and you won't miss it.
  • I spent last night alphabetizing my CD collection in preparation for this. *pants with anticipation*
  • My mix is ready. Muahahahaha. Except, er, I have the slight problem of all these found mp3s not all being at quite the same volume. Nero wants me to pay for a higher-class version of its software to correct this; is there anything free- or shareware that comes recommended?
  • iTunes will make 'em all roughly the same volume if you enable the "sound check" option.
  • Oh, I guess I should say how to do it :) Edit -> Preferences -> Burning -> Check "Audio CD" -> Check "Use Sound Check"
  • Smo, thanks for the idea. I installed Itunes (on WinXP) but I am wary of letting it contact its masters, so I've been telling the firewall to deny it access. And thus it crashes about thirty seconds after my denial, every time. Should I relent and allow it to do so? Will all of the, uh, not-quite-legal stuff on my machine summon the RIAA to my door? Will it actually not crash? Grrr.
  • Oh, how I'm patiently waiting, Shotsy.
  • waraw, the itunes checking-back-with-mothership hasn't summoned the RIAA to my door yet, for what it's worth.
  • I still can't get my mix more than 60% right, somehow. But still I labor on...
  • My mix CD is unstoppable.
  • . I will start accepting sign-ups no later than the 14th of January and continue to accept them through February 10th. *looks at calendar* Did I miss something?
  • hmmm...Shotsy?