December 05, 2004

Florida Holiday Monkey Meetup Melinika and I were chatting on #mofirc about December meetup action around the weekend of the 18th.

She gets into South Florida around the 17th or so. It may be tough given the holidays to schedule something after that, but any date that weekend when we could have the most people will work. Location could be Miami, Lauderdale, Palm Beach County... whatever will work for the most people. So if there are any other south/central FL MoFizzles out there, consider yourselves invited. (Melinika is going to post a companion thread on Metafilter as well).

  • /me cries But I'm in the panhandle! And I'm loooooonely! and I have no car!
  • Coincidentally I gave a guy a ride last night who just graduated from the University of Central Florida.
  • I'll come! Where's Florida? Is it near London?
  • Yeah... the American part of London.
  • The warm and sunny part of London. Wait, that doesn't exist... Besides, isn't Florida Canadian?
  • What middleclasstool said.
  • more seething
  • Okay, you monkeys have got to cut it out with the meetups nowhere near me. Seriously.
  • musingmelpomene: You mean that you're not going to steal a car and brave a 10-hour drive? Slacker. We'll send you something nice, though. :)
  • Shinything: let us seeth in unison seeth seeth seeth seeth
  • Hey, musingmelpomene, I'm in the panhandle too! We should have our own tiny little meetup ;)
  • Mel and Mojo, where are y'all? I have plenty of kin in Mobile and Pensacola. /curious
  • goetter, mojo: I'm in Panama City. And I have no car, but if y'all want to come to me, I would be delighted. God. I just moved here and I have had no company and no social contact and I'm going MAAAAAAAAAAAD!
  • Wow tracicle - I work at UCF at the moment, subject to change without notice and no correspondence will be entered into it's a small world after all
  • I'm in PC as well - small monkey world indeed! There's even a thread on the AskOtherFi about finding people in this town. Must be something in the air. Anyway, drop me a line musingmelpomene!
  • u.n. owen is your mefi handle, isn't it, musingmelpomene? (I thought I remembered you mentioning it, but I'm not sure.)
  • On the off chance that anyone else from MoFi can make it, here's the time and location: Date: Saturday, December 18th Time: 8 PM - whenever Place: JJ Muggs Neighborhood Grill 10365 Royal Palm Coral Springs FL 33065 (Coral Springs is in north Broward County)
  • OK, monkey meetup action will happen tonight (even though it may just be me, Melinika and a couple Metafiltarians). I'll probably take a couple of pics, which will get put on flikr.
  • Sure hope it was great, the_bone!!! Looking forward to pictures!